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Walsh Truck & Trailer Repairs Ltd: One-stop Shop for Truck Parts in Miramichi

Are you looking for a truck service facility in and around Miramichi for truck parts, tires, and alignment? If so, look no further than Walsh Truck & Trailer Repairs Ltd. We offer high-quality parts for everything from long trailers to pickup trucks. Everyone from truck drivers and transport companies, to the largest fleets in the area trusts us. Our inventory is constantly growing and therefore, if you’re in need of truck parts, we will have them in stock and ready for sale.

Whether you’re searching for electronic parts or tires for your trucks, Walsh Truck & Trailer Repairs Ltd can help you. Our friendly staff will help individual truck drivers as well as transport companies find the right parts for their truck based on their unique requirements. We carry everyday wear and tear parts, including brakes, oil, tools, fluids, and much more, which you may need.


We carry various truck and trailer parts such as:

Differential rebuilds
Rebuilt engines
Air conditioning systems

Get in touch with us for more information on our truck parts.

Hydraulic Hoses Assembly Made In-house

If you are looking for experts who do hydraulic hose assembly in and around Miramichi, don’t look any further! We provide comprehensive hydraulic hoses assembly and repair services using tried-and-tested hoses and fittings.

Hydraulic hoses can withstand high-pressure operating conditions, transferring hydraulic fluid to hydraulic components, actuators, valves, and tools. Hydraulic hoses carry fluids through it using a fluid environment or air. Clamps, nozzles, spigots, and flanges are used to control fluid flow. You can turn to us for the following:

Welding services
In-house hydraulic repair
Custom-made hoses
On-site repairs and fitting


We carry and serve top brands, including:

Detroit Diesel
Irving Oil Lubes
western star trucks
Parker Hydraulic Hose & Fittings
Jetco Heavy Duty Lighting
Interstate Batteries®
Wilson Electronics
Wicked Products
Alliance Truck Parts®

Helping Truckers Since 1995



We care about your fleet and operators because we understand it’s your livelihood.

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